Drugs per billion in R&D spending
Source: BCG Perspectives

The Pharma industry is spending over $154B a year to develop new drugs, but facing an unprecedented decline in R&D productivity

Pharma executives are looking to reverse this decline by advanced data science techniques like artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. This interest is fueled by AI’s proven ability to identify patterns across large amounts of data.


"Companies in many industries have announced AI-focused initiatives. Unfortunately, many of these efforts will fail... because most companies are approaching AI-driven innovation incorrectly."

—Harvard Business Review, 2017


strategic success with AI can be achieved by coordinating data, technologies and applications across the entire drug lifecycle, including discovery, development and commercial. 



tellic's cutting-edge AI technologies help you achieve a higher success rate and greater return on investment by:


creating a platform of curated data that spans the drug lifecycle


utilizing cutting edge data science technologies


applying AI to the entire drug lifecycle

Create your strategic data platform for AI

Drug developers getting started with AI are hampered by data challenges.


Missing data

Drug developers need diverse, quality data to develop new drugs. When data is missing, this becomes unattainable.


Insufficient data

AI algorithms need large volumes of data to train and test accurate models. Without it, your company’s progress is stifled.


Siloed data

Data is scattered across different departments in different formats, bottlenecking your growth.


Limited data

Lacking competitive insights and academic research slows down new drug development and limits your potential.

tellic’s proprietary data technology curates pharma data from dozens of sources, across the entire drug lifecycle. In addition, our data scientists have shaped our data with hundreds of data features required for AI.  tellic’s patent-pending technology create cross reference keys that link to and enhance your internal drug development data. The resulting strategic data asset enables pharmaceutical developers to get up and running with AI quickly. 


Give your teams technology for AI

Beyond data challenges, drug developers attempting to leverage AI are encumbered by legacy technologies

tellic technology is created with the leading open-source technologies that power AI, including python, Anaconda, Hadoop, and parallel processing. Our technology can interoperate with your internal enterprise IT systems. Options include on-premise solutions, cloud-based services or a hybrid approach.


Power your decisions across the drug lifecycle with AI

tellic's AI modules can enhance activities in discovery, development, commercial and the competitive landscape


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