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tellic was founded in 2015 by Richard Wendell, a Fortune 500 Chief Data Officer, whose vision was to make it easy for pharma companies to apply emerging data science technologies.  tellic pioneers a new category of enterprise-scale biomedical language processing and knowledge discovery powered by artificial intelligence. 

tellic’s innovation emerges from three distinct skillsets: life science, data science and DevOps. Our company has attracted thought leaders with expertise in molecular biology, functional genomics, drug discovery, AI and machine learning, linguistics, image processing, big data engineering and enterprise software development.  tellic’s endlessly curious team cross-trains in each others’ fields to elevate the group and expand the frontier of pharma technologies.  This unique approach gives pharma companies an unprecedented ability to use data to make breakthrough drug R&D decisions. The resulting insights can accelerate life enhancing drugs to patients who need them.


At tellic, everything we do flows from our passion for data science and its capacity to make people’s lives better. We live and breathe these five core values:

●      Elevate the group. We want to grow our team with people who share our values. We invest in our employees by providing advanced training and mentorship.

●      Expand the frontier. To remain pioneers in our field, we constantly seek innovation and are unafraid to take risks.

●      Use data to make decisions. We work methodically to deliver results driven by data, not opinion.

●      Relentlessly pursue the “Wow.” We go above and beyond to wow our customers. We work to achieve excellence that delights and creates impact.

●      Do the right thing. We live our values as a cohesive team, act with consideration for others, and strive every day to create a product that helps people.

We are growing quickly and are actively seek like-minded people who are passionate about life sciences, relish working with data, and share our core values.  (link to careers page)



Our office is located in downtown New York City.